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If you are looking for passionate coaches, you've met your match! 


GOAL oriented

Whether you are new to the fitness world or a seasoned athlete we know that we all thrive with concrete goals.


About Jen D

As a self-proclaimed gym rat, Jen lives and breathes health & fitness.  She is the owner of a successful strength and conditioning gym and a thriving online coaching business... she is all in! 

Jens true passion is helping others live a happy, healthy, fit lifestyle. She believes that anything is possible with passion and that passion is your true power! 

Jen has coached competitive athletes, bikini competitors, pro bodybuilders, moms, dads and even kids for 18 + years. And every client she works with is encouraged to unleash the best version of themselves!

Having competed in bikini, figure, endurance and OCR events  (like Hyrox and Spartan races) Jen does not just talk the talk, she walks the walk and is known for her high energy, no-nonsense, yet supportive approach! 

Jen has a BS in Exercise Physiology and carries certifications from NASM, ACE, IYSA and Precision Nutrition. Above all of these accomplishments, her proudest one is being a mom of 3 little ones.